Apr 18 2012

Miracle Pill Cures Hangover?? Probably Not!!!

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All the time and effort that goes into promoting the dangers of coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol and then you get stupid advertising campaigns like this one for “Big Night Recovery”which they describe as:

“a tasty effervescent electrolyte formula that helps relieve the symptoms of a hangover.”

What are they saying in these ads? that popping a couple of these fizzy pills in a glass of water will enable you to do high risk work safely despite still being pissed from the night before? I’m sure that’s how some people will see them. At least Berroca wasn’t this blatant even if they do sell a similar product.

Apparently they’ve received some criticism on their Facebook page but I couldn’t find any and my negative post hasn’t appeared so they must be screening comments to filter out the negative ones. But 3AW ran a story about it where they say the company posted this response to criticisms:

“The message we intended is to try and get people to think about that last drink and what the ramifications may be. It is most certainly not to encourage people to drink more, or act irresponsibly. People will occasionally step over the line with their alcohol consumption, whether through peer group pressure, or spare of the moment,”

I think their actions contradict their words. What do you think? Leave a comment below.



On April 11, the Advertising Standards Board issued a negative finding against the campaign supporting the view of people with a similar opinion to mine – that the campaign promoted dangerous behaviours. The company responded:

Thank you for your letter. We have taken steps to discontinue the advertisement.  We
apologise to all complainants and stress that it was not our intention to offend.  We do not
intend to use the advertisements in this current form in the future.

However, the street ads are still in place; their Facebook page is still running the campaign and their website is still running a competition to have the public provide more but similar photos and slogans.



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