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  2. Who Was HW Heinrich, What Did He Do and Why Should You Care? — 19/09/2012
  3. Safety Dance – Not Men Without Hats — 21/08/2012
  4. Safety First Rap by Alfred Flythe — 21/08/2012
  5. Fayetteville’s Safety Song — 21/08/2012

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Oct 09 2012

Why Can’t They Get it Right: Sloppy Journalism Creates Workplace Safety Myths

For whatever reason, News Limited media outlets have picked up a story on the Draft Code of Practice for Preventing and Managing Fatigue in the Workplace. The draft was released by Safework Australia (SWA) in September 2011 along with 14 other drafts for public comment. The response to all of these and particularly the Fatigue […]

Sep 19 2012

Who Was HW Heinrich, What Did He Do and Why Should You Care?

Who Was HW Heinrich?
You may or may not have heard of Herbert William Heinrich but if you’re involved in workplace safety you will have certainly heard his ideas.
He was born in 1881 in Bennington, Vermont, USA. He served an apprenticeship as a machinist and was promoted to third assistant engineer before joining the Traveler Insurance […]

Aug 21 2012

Safety Dance – Not Men Without Hats

The staff of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation demonstrate how safety is done at UMC through the magic of dance.
It’s amazing how creative people can be if they are given the freedom and support to express their ideas.

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Aug 21 2012

Safety First Rap by Alfred Flythe

This summer, Newport News Shipbuilding held a contest in search of its ‘safety song’ for 2012. The winning song, “Safety First” by Alfred Flythe of X11 best captures our commitment to working safely every day, in everything we do, while also looking out for our fellow shipbuilders. We think it’s catchy too!

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Aug 21 2012

Fayetteville’s Safety Song

Fayetteville’s Safety Team hosted a plantwide meeting and had a ball doing it. James and Eric wrote and performed this safety song for the January 2012 meeting. This is the first time James had performed in front of this many people

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Aug 04 2012

Safety is Our First Priority … Really?

“Safety is our first priority”. Have you heard that before? Seen it in the introduction to a companies safety programs? Read it in a company’s safety policy? Seen it on placards around construction sites? It’s pretty common place but what does it mean? Do these companies expect anyone to believe that they really place safety […]

Aug 04 2012

RADAR – A Safety Tool

It’s fantastic to see employees get really involved in safety programs and this is a great example. The folk from Weatherford’s Australian Drill Rig #9 got together to make this rap style video promoting safety on the rig generally and more specifically the use of RADAR to identify hazards and precautions to keep people safe. […]

Jul 27 2012

Texting and Driving – A Sure Way to Have an Accident

Texting while driving, talking on your mobile (cell) phone while driving is all so common place. We see it all the time and sometime we’re the ones doing it.
Why? What is so damn important that it can’t wait? Has the need to be available 24/7 so pervaded our societies that we put our lives at […]

Jul 23 2012

Learning MS Office and Other Stuff

Without doubt, Microsoft Office is the most widely used piece of software used. It sets the benchmark for other applications that try and duplicate its features (for want of a better word) and it has largely seen off rivals such as Word Perfect, Lotus and the like.
It is important that H&S people understand how to […]

Jul 23 2012

How Safe are Safety Glasses?

Ever wondered how strong are your safety glasses? We read all that stuff about how they’re medium impact or something like that, but what does that really mean. Here’s a video showing what happens when safety glasses are shot with pellet guns – one at 600 feet per second and the other at 800 feet […]

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