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Oct 09 2012

Why Can’t They Get it Right: Sloppy Journalism Creates Workplace Safety Myths

For whatever reason, News Limited media outlets have picked up a story on the Draft Code of Practice for Preventing and Managing Fatigue in the Workplace. The draft was released by Safework Australia (SWA) in September 2011 along with 14 other drafts for public comment. The response to all of these and particularly the Fatigue […]

Aug 04 2012

Safety is Our First Priority … Really?

“Safety is our first priority”. Have you heard that before? Seen it in the introduction to a companies safety programs? Read it in a company’s safety policy? Seen it on placards around construction sites? It’s pretty common place but what does it mean? Do these companies expect anyone to believe that they really place safety […]

Jun 16 2012

Do Safety Regulations Make a Difference?

What difference do safety regulations make to the way we work? Really, how much impact do they have?  When considering this, one of the problems we face is how short our memories are.
The Way Things Used To Be
I recently met up with a guy I’d done my apprenticeship with – we’re both Boilermaker/Welders (steel fabrication) […]

May 26 2012

Enforcing Safety Law – Closing the Door After the Horse has Bolted

On the morning of 22 October 2009 Luke Clark, a 17-year-old apprentice plumber and another apprentice approached their employer’s van, parked in his driveway. Luke pressed the remote door lock to open the van. The picture to the left shows the result – the van exploded with enough force to spread debris more than 100 […]

May 18 2012

Teenagers at Work – A Recipe for Disaster?

Teenagers at work are just a difficult as when they’re home.
At home parents wonder what happened to that cute little kid they brought home from the hospital 15 years ago? Aliens kidnapped them and replaced them with something that looks the same but surely couldn’t have been a product of their loins – invasion of […]

Apr 25 2012

LTIFR – Measuring Achievement by Failure

Look at almost any company’s annual report and you’ll find some comments about what the business is doing to improve their safety performance – usually measured by how many injuries they’ve had that year and more specifically how many of those injuries have required time off work for recovery. So, we get told what a […]

Apr 18 2012

Miracle Pill Cures Hangover?? Probably Not!!!

All the time and effort that goes into promoting the dangers of coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol and then you get stupid advertising campaigns like this one for “Big Night Recovery”which they describe as:
“a tasty effervescent electrolyte formula that helps relieve the symptoms of a hangover.”
What are they saying in […]

Apr 11 2012

Zero Harm – Hope or Hype

It now seems that just about every firm has a Zero Harm program in one form or another. Such programs are in place across industries and across countries and even the most basic search for health and safety information will bring up references to Zero Harm. So, is Zero Harm just marketing hype or does […]