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Despite wealth for toil, FIFO workers find themselves sick and tired

By Olav Muurlink, Griffith University
Welcome to the Future of Work, a series from The Conversation that looks at the ongoing evolution of the workplace. Today, Griffith University’s Olav Muurlink looks at how the mining industry is single-handly transforming the nature of shift work in Australia.
“FIFO is the biggest con ever perpetrated by the large mining companies. After fatigue is taken into account, your usable time off is often less than 75% and sometimes as little as 50%. The large salaries are not a substitute for slowly killing yourself, your family and your marriage.”
These words come from a Perth-based train driver hooked into the express that is Australian mining. The 40-something union member is part of the revolution that has swept Australian mining. Despite a hefty paypacket, he sleeps more nights in a “donga camp” 1400 kilometres from home than he does under his own roof. Whereas 30 years ago, the […]

Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Training Course

Australia has a vocational training system administered by the Federal government. It is a complicated and bureaucratic system of rules and regulations supposedly intended to make sure that the training provided to workers is of a high quality and the skills they acquire can be transported across the country and between employers. And, by some miracle, I’m now officially qualified to give this type of training having just finished a course under the Australian vocational training system. Officially the title is TAE 40110 Training and Assessment its more commonly called the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
While it looks good on the resume, I got a lot more out of the course than just a qualification. The trainer, Wayne Harrison is fantastic. I just don’t know how he kept up the levels of positive energy for the 10 days of the course. And that was another great thing about the […]

May 31 2012

Risk Controlled Mountain Bike Riding

Apr 20 2012

Zero Harm The Safety Swindle, Safety in Action Conferenc 2011 Preview

Andrew Douglas, Principal at Macpherson + Kelley Lawyers, presents a preview of his presentation Zero Harm – The Safety Swindle in the lead up to the 2011 Safety in Action Conference (5-7 April). Andrew explains why he believes safety too often conceals more about safety performance than it exposes; why Zero Harm is based on […]

Apr 20 2012

Presentation Against Zero Harm

Jamie Ross, is a mining engineer who describes himself as a
Practical person who loves to learn about different types of leadership tools and models.  My mission is to translate these models into something practical the mining industry can really use
presented his views on Zero Harm at a mine manager’s conference in the Hunter Valley, NSW, […]