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Aug 21 2012

Safety Dance – Not Men Without Hats

The staff of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation demonstrate how safety is done at UMC through the magic of dance.
It’s amazing how creative people can be if they are given the freedom and support to express their ideas.

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Aug 21 2012

Safety First Rap by Alfred Flythe

This summer, Newport News Shipbuilding held a contest in search of its ‘safety song’ for 2012. The winning song, “Safety First” by Alfred Flythe of X11 best captures our commitment to working safely every day, in everything we do, while also looking out for our fellow shipbuilders. We think it’s catchy too!

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Aug 21 2012

Fayetteville’s Safety Song

Fayetteville’s Safety Team hosted a plantwide meeting and had a ball doing it. James and Eric wrote and performed this safety song for the January 2012 meeting. This is the first time James had performed in front of this many people

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Aug 04 2012

RADAR – A Safety Tool

It’s fantastic to see employees get really involved in safety programs and this is a great example. The folk from Weatherford’s Australian Drill Rig #9 got together to make this rap style video promoting safety on the rig generally and more specifically the use of RADAR to identify hazards and precautions to keep people safe. […]

Jul 23 2012

How Safe are Safety Glasses?

Ever wondered how strong are your safety glasses? We read all that stuff about how they’re medium impact or something like that, but what does that really mean. Here’s a video showing what happens when safety glasses are shot with pellet guns – one at 600 feet per second and the other at 800 feet […]

Jun 02 2012

Fatigued, Tired, Still Driving … Think About what You’re Doing

Ever suddenly jerked when driving and become aware that you’ve no idea what’s been happening for the past few minutes and the last landmark you remember was about 5 kilometers back. Ever found yourself yawning and opening the window to get some fresh air because you’re tired and slipping into little sleeps … but you […]