Jun 02 2012

Fatigued, Tired, Still Driving … Think About what You’re Doing

Ever suddenly jerked when driving and become aware that you’ve no idea what’s been happening for the past few minutes and the last landmark you remember was about 5 kilometers back. Ever found yourself yawning and opening the window to get some fresh air because you’re tired and slipping into little sleeps … but you haven’t got far to go so you keep on pushing through. I know I have experienced both and they’ve been more than a little scary.

Tony Anthony also had such an experience and realised the importance of making choices and what that actually means and who it may effect, have a look at what he put together:


Thousands of people are hurt or killed every year in car accidents and a lot of them are the result of being tired or losing concentration. Don’t become a statistic. Stop and think about what you’re doing and answer the question of what could happen to you and how would that impact on those around you. Make the right choice.



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