Jul 23 2012

Learning MS Office and Other Stuff

Without doubt, Microsoft Office is the most widely used piece of software used. It sets the benchmark for other applications that try and duplicate its features (for want of a better word) and it has largely seen off rivals such as Word Perfect, Lotus and the like.

It is important that H&S people understand how to use the applications within the MS Office package – particularly Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This has sometimes presented some difficulties because of time or distance restraints. As well, formal classes tend to be a knowledge dump much of which has been forgotten by the time you get back to your office.

Here’s a free solution. It’s online and the training is self paced and will always be accessible when you’ve forgotten that nifty little trick that was demonstrated. http://www.gcflearnfree.org/

Give it a try, it’ll only cost you a couple of minutes of your time and could save you hours in the future.

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